what is meaning of chapri ?

The term Chapri is especially used in Bollywood films. The word chapri is also used in the city of Mumbai.

The word Chapri sounds a bit strange. And it is also used for strange people. The meaning of the word chapri is searched many times on Google, so let’s know what chapri means.

The word Chapri is used for those persons. Those who are of mawali type, do any work for money, bad or good does not matter to them, they keep their hair colourful.

People like chapri have been depicted in many Bollywood movies.

Chaqpri meaning in bihar and up

The word Chapri has another meaning which is mostly used in the areas of Bihar and UP.Chapri means roof.In the village, there are mud or grass thatched houses, the thing which is used to cover it from above is called chapri.

chapri meaning

Chapri Boy

Chapri Boy refers to all those boys who do strange things on social media to make themselves different by wearing different types of colorful hairstyles and strange clothes.

Chapri Girl

Chapri Girl on social media refers to all those girls who use a lot of makeup, strange clothes, colorful hairstyles to become viral on social media and to become famous.