What is meaning of ssup in chatting?

Often when we chat with someone on whatsapp, Facebook or any social media, we get to see this word ssup. But there is no definite meaning of this word if you search this word in the dictionary also then no word like ssup will be found.

SSUp meaning in chatting

In social media, to write a word in short, its short word is made.

Similarly, the word SSUP is a short form of the sentence “what’s up”. “What’s up?” is a common greeting used to ask someone how they are doing or what is happening in their life at the moment.

ssup meaning in chat reply

Here are a few potential responses to “What’s up?”:

“Not much, how about you?” – This is a common response that returns the question to the other person, allowing them to share any updates or news they might have.

“Just hanging in there, thanks for asking!” – This response indicates that you’re doing alright, but not necessarily anything noteworthy or exciting.

“I’m doing great, thanks for asking. How about you?” – This response is positive and enthusiastic, and also returns the question to the other person.

“Same old, same old. How about you?” – This response implies that things are fairly routine or uneventful, but still acknowledges the question and invites further conversation.

ssup meaning in chatting

Some examples of short form

• LOL ( Laughing out loud )
• TTYL (Talk to you later)
• OMG ( Oh my god )
• W8 ( wait)